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Religious Studies Teach About Cultural Differences

Posted on: December 22, 2020

Studying Different Religions Helps Learn More About Other Culturals

By Julie Lee,
6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Carlisle's 6th graders recently studied the top 5 religions in the world, as part of the State of Ohio standards, which tell us our students need to study the five religions to learn about the effect they have on culture around the world.

We learned about the origins, basic beliefs, what areas of the world each religion is practiced, as well as special days and celebrations each religion has. As part of the study, we watched a video series called "My Life My Religion" that shows kids the same age as our 6th graders and how they aren't all that different from other kids around the world in how they practice their religion.

Photo submitted by Mrs. Lee: Photo shows artwork colored in by students as part of the study series.

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