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Parent Clarification Letter

Posted on: April 26, 2021

    We wanted to send out a letter to all of our parents addressing the One Call that was sent out yesterday (Sunday, 4/25/21). During the week of April 19th, a 5th grade student was alleged to have made a threatening comment (about possibly bringing a weapon to school). It was brought to Ms. Dearwester’s attention and she addressed the issue with the student and the student’s family during the week. Over this past weekend, as rumors about what was/wasn’t said grew in the community, Ms. Dearwester again communicated with the family (of the student who allegedly made the comment), Dr. Vail (Superintendent of the Carlisle Local Schools), and the Carlisle Police Department. (Ms. Dearwester kept Mr. Milner informed as well).


     Ms. Dearwester had determined that is was not a legitimate threat, but nonetheless she had the student come to school today a few minutes after arrival so she (and a police officer) could meet with the student and family individually. The meeting occurred this morning and, again, Ms. Dearwester found that there was no authentic threat to students and staff members.  Ms. Dearwester will be working to determine if another student (or students) pushed out false information which led to panic and worry in the community.


     We work diligently every day to ensure that our school is safe for all students and staff members … and this case is no different. We hope that all students will be able to attend classes for the remainder of this week (and the remainder of the school year). If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of us at (937) 746-8969. You can also feel free to email us at or  

Parent Clarification Letter 042621.pdf 


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