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Carlisle Speech Competition Finals

Posted on: March 17, 2017
Tags: Carlisle for youth, Speech competition

The Carlisle for Youth final speech competition was held Wednesday, March 15 at the Deardoff Center. Fourteen students from the preliminary round competed. The students who presented their speeches, and are pictured below, are: Adelaide Lucas, Olivia McAtee, Madison Elliott, Zoe Fowler, Sierra Carpenter, Chloe Lucas, Elsie Dobbins, Katelyn White, Abby Campbell, Lucy Knapp, Olivia Thorn, Ryleigh Coon, Lorelei Choate, and Kylee Sizemore.

The results are as follows:

3rd and 4th Grade Category:
1st place: Kylee Sizemore
2nd place: Lorelei Choate
3rd place: Ryleigh Coon

5th and 6th Grade Category:
1st place: Elsie Dobbins
2nd place: Abby Campbell
3rd place: Katelyn White

7th - 9th Grade Category:
1st place: Olivia McAtee
2nd place: Adelaide Lucas
3rd place: Madison Elliott

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the students who participated in speech throughout the season, and THANK YOU to Grigsby Intermediate teacher, Katie Amos, for heading up our speech competition program!

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