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6th Grade Government Activity

Posted on: March 24, 2021
6th grade students have been learning about the different types of government. Students were in groups and each group was assigned a different type of government. Their task was to build a tower using straws and tape, functioning as their assigned government. Their tower was to be as tall as possible but stable enough to stand on its own. 
Dictatorship: Students in this group had an arm-wrestling contest to determine who the dictator would be. The other group members had to do what the dictator said. (those who were not the dictator soon learned this is not a good way to govern.)
Direct Democracy: students in this group were all equal but had to vote for every single step of their building project. (students quickly learned this is not an efficient way to run a government)
Monarchy: the oldest student was named king or queen. All group members (subjects) were to do whatever the king/queen told them to do. (most kings/queens were nice and listened to their subjects' advice)
Republic: students nominated and voted for 2 members of their group to represent them and build the tower. The other members could create a petition to make suggestions to their reps. If their reps did not listen to them, they could hold another election and vote in new reps. (students liked this idea!)
Anarchy: all students were equal and could do whatever they wanted but...had to build their tower in complete silence. (this group actually functioned the best because they couldn't talk and therefore couldn't argue with each other!)
This activity was an eye-opening experience to most students. They completed a reflection questionnaire at the end of the activity, and many stated they were glad to live in the U. S. in a democratic republic. 
Photos and article by Mrs. Lee 
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