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Parent Bulletin (Week of September 11, 2017)

Posted on: September 8, 2017



Sept 11 – Sept 15





Monday, Sept 11th               


Tuesday, Sept 12th                    



Wednesday, Sept 13th            EARLY RELEASE - Students dismissed at 2:30

                                                                  (AM K from 8:30-11:00; PM K from 12:00-2:30)


Thursday, Sept 14th                FALL PICTURE DAY (Schedule below)  


Friday, Sept 15th                                   







1)     Absence Notes/Calls – Parents, please be sure to send in a note or call the school EVERY TIME that your son or daughter is absent from school. If he/she visits a doctor (or dentist), pick up a note at the office and turn it in to school (these types of absences are always ‘Excused’). Parents may write a ‘Parent Note’ or use a phone call to excuse up to 12 total absence occurrences (doctor’s notes are included in this 12) - After 12 doctor’s notes/parent notes/phone calls, only a doctor’s note can excuse an absence. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Alden Brown Elementary at (937) 746-7610.


2)     Communication – It is our goal at Alden Brown Elementary to maintain constant communication with our parents. If you should ever have a question or need to speak to your child’s teacher, please contact the teacher via email (you may get the email address from a building secretary if you do not know it) or by phone (937-746-7610). We look forward to keeping lines of communication open with you this year!


3)     Progress Book – If any parents (particularly 1st and 2nd grade parents) experience problems logging into or getting information from Progress Book, please email Mr. Milner at




Sept 21                                     P/T Conferences (Pre-School & Kindergarten ONLY) – 3:30-

                                                               8:00 – Teachers will schedule with parents

Sept 22                                     Waiver Day (No School for Students)

Sept 28                                     Muffins with Mom (7:55 am – 8:25 am in the ABE cafeteria)

Oct 20                                       End 1st Quarter

Oct 23-27                                 Fall Book Fair

Oct 26                                       P/T Conferences (1st & 2nd Grades + Specials) – 3:30 –

                                                               8:00 – Teachers will schedule with parents

Oct 26                                       Family Night – Book Fair

Nov 2                                        P/T Conferences (ALL Teachers) – 3:30 – 8:00 – Teachers will schedule with parents

Nov 3                                        Waiver Day (No School for students) Nov 20-24        

Nov 30                                      Mobile Ed Presentation (Ben Franklin) – Schedule TBD

Dec 7                                         2nd Grade Concert (7:00 pm at CMS Auditorium)

Dec 11-15                                Santa Shop (Tentative Dates)

         Dec 18-19                                Santa Visit (Tentative Dates)

Dec 21 – Jan 3                         NO SCHOOL

Jan 4                                          Return to School

Feb 19                                       NO SCHOOL

Feb 27 – Mar 3                        Spring Book Fair

Mar 8                                        1st Grade Concert (7:00 pm at CMS Auditorium)

Mar 22                                      P/T Conferences (ALL teachers) – 3:30 – 8:00 – Teachers will notify parents if a conference is necessary

Mar 23                                      End 3rd Quarter

Mar 26 – Apr 2                        NO SCHOOL

Apr 24                                       COSI on Wheels – Schedule TBD

May 3                                        Doughnuts with Dad (7:55 am – 8:25 am)

May 28                                      NO SCHOOL

June 1                                        Last Day for Students
















Thursday, September 14, 2017



                        Camera 1                                                                     Camera 2

8:35                 Osborne AM                                                                 Collett AM

9:00                 Oligee                                                                          Glover

9:15                 Sherwood                                                                    Taliaferro

9:30                 Mousie                                                                         Dunkman

9:45                 L. Centers AM                                                               Crowe AM

10:00               Townsley                                                                       Mong AM

10:15               Fryman                                                                           Harris                                      

10:30               Head Start AM (Room 2)                                                S. Centers

10:45               McAlister                                                                        Bullock



12:40               Crowe PM                                                                       Mong PM

1:00                 L. Centers PM                                                                Collett PM

1:15                 Head Start PM (Room 2)                                                 Head Start All Day (Room 1)

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