Chamberlain Middle School News


World War II Projects

Posted on: April 15, 2019


Mrs. Johnson’s students have been very busy over the past month reading The Devil’s Arithmetic and Surviving Hitler.  They have also written extensive research papers covering varying topics about World War II.  WHile the research papers piqued a lot of excitement, the visual aides were the most exciting!  Students created a variety of projects including scale concentration camps, atomic bombs, fighter jets, and even a model of Anne Frank’s secret annex.  


In addition to making the projects, the students had the opportunity to present to their classmates.  The presentations were outstanding and elicited very compelling questions.  This led to incredible discussions in both classes.  The students had a great time completing these projects, hopefully they will have a greater understanding for this time period when they go to the Holocaust Museum on the 8th grade DC trip.


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