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Posted on: September 11, 2016
Tags: Patriots day

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 ...

15 years later most Carlisle students are learning about the horrific terrorist attacks on American soil from teachers and parents through secondhand stories and social media replay, as they were not yet born to experience the tragedy that led to what they know simply as "Patriot's Day."

Mr. Brian Sprandel, 7th grade Social Studies teacher at Chamberlain Middle School, wanted to make sure that his students this year did more than just "learn" about the day of remembrance, he wanted them to also understand and embrace the significance of showing appreciation to the first responders who, on a daily basis, are ready for whatever situation may be at the other end of that 911 call for help.

So, in addition to "watching the firefighter documentary from 9/11," said Sprandel, "each class then discussed what it means to sacrifice for someone else. We also learned about how the date has transformed into Patriot's Day and what that means and entails. Then, three classes made thank you posters for the (Carlisle) police department and three made posters for the (Carlisle) firefighters, thanking them all for their daily sacrifices to keep us safe here in our community."

Pictured below is one of the classes & Mr. Sprandel, along with the "thank you" poster they made for our local heroes.


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