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2020 Golf Team Information

Posted on: May 18, 2020

2020 Carlisle Golf Team 

This is a letter that can be referenced by parents and athletes throughout the summer in order to get prepared for the upcoming 2020 golf season. Here are the answers to some questions the coaching staff usually receives every year: 

  • The first day of mandatory practice is Monday 8/1/2020. Your commitment to the golf team begins Saturday 8/1/2020 

  • Each golfer must have a physical on file with our athletic training department or must have a completed physical form and emergency medical in order to be able to participate. Without an up to date physical/emergency medical, you will be sent home until one is provided. Physical forms can be found online at the Carlisle school website. 

  • If you are interested, Jamaica Run is offering junior (summer) passes that run from the day school is out until the golf season begins. This pass is designed to benefit those who are planning on playing on the school golf team. This year, the pass will be good from May 23 – August 1, and the cost of the pass is $75. This includes all the golf you can play Monday – Friday along with afternoon privileges on the weekends and Holidays. Please call before going to the course to check availabilities. 

  •  Beginning Monday July 6 we will have open practice on the driving range and putting green. We will do every Monday and Thursday until official practice begins. These practices will start at 10am and generally last until 11:30.  

  • Proper golf attire is required by the golf course. This includes a collared golf shirt w/proper shoes that will not damage the golf course. Gym shoes and golf shoes are fine. Baseball spikes will not be permitted. Please feel free to contact me at any time. You can also get in touch with me at my school email which is  

Summer Practice Schedule 

Attached is a copy of the July/August practice schedule.  

  • Your commitment to the golf team begins Thursday August 1st 2020. Times will be provided at the first summer practice on Monday July 6. Generally, all practices will either be mid-morning, beginning anywhere from 10:00am to 11:00am. We have to work with the schedule of the golf course. Practices will last anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on if we get out on the course or not.  

  • Summer open practices: July 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 27, 30 (10-11:30) Jamaica Run – meet at the driving range.  

  • Thanks for being interested in golf, hope you all have a great summer break! 

****PLEASE email me if you are planning on playing so I have your name. If you are interested in a golf summer pass, I have to give them your name ahead of time. Thank You! 


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