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Presidential Mock Election on Tuesday, Nov. 3

Posted on: October 30, 2020


Mr. Don Ridinger's government classes will be hosting a Presidential Mock Election on Tuesday, Nov. 3.
Students have learned about the Electoral College and how it works. They've learned the importance of candidates winning certain swing states in order to gain the required 270 electoral votes.
As part of the mock election, the students have assigned all Carlisle 7th-12th graders "a state to live in" to simulate the actual Electoral College. Students have worked on campaign materials including political commercials, mailers, t-shirts, and yard signs. Finally, on election day, they will "work the polls" here at CHS (with safety protocols in place) and check in the students as they come to vote for president!
~ Pictures submitted by Mr. Ridinger of some of his students with their campaign materials.
mock election-1
mock election-2
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