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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Posted on: August 13, 2019
  1. Everyone (pick up or drop off) must follow the new access road around the tennis courts. Enter east of the tennis courts.

  2. Everyone must stay single file. If there is space between you and the next car please pull forward to allow more cars to drop off/pick up at one time. Do not drop off at the main sidewalk if there is space between you and the next car.

  3. After you have dropped/picked up your student, you may exit through the cones that have been provided. This will be an exit lane only. Please wait until you have reached the cones before you enter the exit lane.

  4. We would like everyone to exit left out onto Fairview when leaving school grounds. This will be a faster/ safer process with our walkers and the HS students that drive down Jamaica Rd.

  5. Please, after 7:05AM no drop offs in front of the school on Fairview. Also, no pickups (unless you are signing your student out of school) on Fairview in the PM.

  6. Please be patient.

Please click the link to view a map of the drop off/pick up line.

Drop Off/Pick Up Map

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