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Board Moves Forward with May 2 Bond Issue to Build a New K-12 School

Posted on: January 31, 2017
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Board Moves Forward with May 2 Bond Issue to Build a New K-12 School

The Carlisle Board of Education have unanimously approved all the resolutions necessary to place a Bond Issue on the May 2nd ballot to construct a new PreK-12 school building.  The building project is a shared effort between the school district residents and the State of Ohio.  The arm of the State of Ohio that works with schools is called the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC).  The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) is responsible for guiding capital projects for state agencies, including Ohio’s comprehensive public K-12 school construction and renovation program, and managing the grants process for cultural facilities and school security programs. 

So what does that mean, a SHARED effort?  It means that based on our economic environment in the school district, Carlisle Local School District qualifies for significant grant dollars that do NOT have to be paid back.  In fact, the State of Ohio will pay 59% of the total cost of the approved construction project, which is almost $49 million dollars.  The taxpayers of the Carlisle Local School District are required to pass a bond issue for the remaining 41% of the cost of the building project.  When we pass the bond issue in May, the state will then give us their portion of the dollars, which amount to nearly $29 million dollars and construction will begin.  The bonds that are sold as a result of the ballot issue will produce revenue that will pay for the remaining costs of the project, which are approximately $20 million dollars.

The new PreK-12 building will have wings to separate the grade levels in much the same way as they currently are.  The names of our current buildings will be implemented into the new facilities.  We will have a Chamberlain Middle School within the larger building and an Alden Brown and a Bobby Grigsby wing.  We are proud of our history in Carlisle and the new building will cherish and honor our past, as well as propel our students into the future by creating an optimal learning environment with modern technologies, furnishings, and state of the art safety and security features.

The new school would be located between the current high school and the stadium and will include a 500 seat auditorium, expanded gymnasium (1,400 seats), all new furnishings, landscaping, parking lots and an additional turning lane off of Jamaica Road to accommodate traffic.  We will have to relocate our current softball field and some practice fields as a result of the new building and that is all part of the project.  Additionally, all busing and commuter traffic would be separated to provide a safer and smoother drop-off and pick-up procedure.

This is an exciting time and we have such a wonderful opportunity to positively impact our children, our teachers, our staff, our parents, our citizens and our community as a whole, both NOW and for generations to come. 

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